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8th Annual Greatest Show on Dirt

8th Annual Greatest Show on Dirt price is $135 per player 

Pre-Purchased Mulligans - MS Fundraiser - $10.00
Each Mulligan is allowed to be used to replay any one shot.

Orange Tee - MS Fundraiser - $10.00
Golfers may buy orange tees which allow you to move up and tee off from the forward tee box for any single hole.  (Women will be allowed to move up to the next available tee box or beginning of the fairway). 
These MAY also be used on the Long Drive Competition hole. 

String by the Foot - MS Fundraiser - $10.00
String can be purchased in 1 foot sections.  If you miss a putt by less than 1 foot and have purchased a piece of string, you may throw that piece of string away and count the putt as if you had made it.  Each piece of string may only be used on one hole and by the person who purchased the string. 

Package #1 - MS Fundraiser - $90.00
Any (10) $10 Items
10 Raffle Tickets

Package #2 - MS Fundraiser - $60.00
Any (6) $10 Items
5 Raffle Tickets


x $10.00 = $0.00
x $10.00 = $0.00
x $10.00 = $0.00
x $90.00 = $0.00
x $60.00 = $0.00